We consider teaching people to dance a privilege, and we are dedicated to providing you with the most effective way to learn to dance. With an unparalleled reputation for customer service, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will instruct you in the fine art of social dancing.

Rebecca Savoca

Rebecca is a Gonzaga graduate who has taken dance training on both sides of the Cascades. She especially likes teaching at DanceWorks because of its warm vibe, safe environment, and supportive community. Her love of dance shows in all of her teaching, including her specialty West Coast Swing. Off the dance floor, Rebecca has a wide variety of interests. She likes backpacking, skiing, and is a voracious reader. Rebecca has traveled to almost every state in the lower 48, and racks up frequent flier miles as she travels to dance competitions both nationally and internationally.  Rebecca currently competes at the Advanced level in West Coast Swing.

Jeremy Virden

Jeremy’s dance education is home grown in our studio. He discovered dancing in his mid-twenties and after a year of being a student, seized an opportunity to become a teacher and hasn’t looked back! He’s a sharp swing dancer and especially enjoys West Coast Swing. Jeremy’s brain holds all kinds of diverse knowledge—he can tell you some of the best sites to see in Italy, and can tell you which ballroom dance works with which video game music. Really, we’re not kidding… ask him about his Mario Brothers Viennese Waltz. Who knew?

Patty Leverett

We are honored to partner with Patty Leverett to offer DanceWorks students the finest instruction in Argentine Tango, Milonga and Tango Vals. Patty has a lifelong connection to music, dance and drama. An upbringing with a musician father and subsequent training in flute, piccolo, and piano help her to understand and identify the variety of rhythms, tempos, and moods within this intricate music. Over the past 20+ years, Patty has studied and danced with many of the major Tango Maestros in Argentina and touring the US. She now focuses her dance instruction on the Argentine Tango trio and appreciates the figures of Salon style along with the intimacy of Close Embrace.

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Mike Carringer

Mike started his dance journey in 2011 with country dancing and after a year switched into West Coast Swing. He brings with him a fun and exciting energy on and off the dance floor. With a teaching style that focuses on proper body mechanics and natural motion within the body. He is an accomplished West Coast Swing dancer; winning Rising Star and NASDE Tour for Jack and Jill’s 2015. He now competes at the All-Star/Champion level.

Hailee Vaughan

Hailee is a passionate All Star West Coast Swing dancer, who began her dance journey in 2008 as a ballet and modern enthusiast. After being highly involved with a classical company in Kansas City in 2012, she was introduced to (and fell I love with) West Coast Swing. As the 2015 Rising Star US Open Champion, she hopes to use her newfound experience and knowledge to help grow the community, and enjoys searching for progressive ways to encourage people of all life paths to pursue dance and movement. Her other interests include reading, anything coffee related, kitty snuggles, human behavior and psychology studies, fitness, and all things food. Hailee wishes to encourage others in persistence and hope in their dance, inspiring them to never give up on living their dream despite the obstacles that may arise along the way.

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